Evil Morty

Who he really is...

We know that our Rick doesn’t belong to our Morty. At Birdman’s wedding, we learn our Rick was involved in a Morty’s life at an early age, despite the fact that our Morty’s grandfather abandoned his family for 20 years. This is most likely Evil Morty: A Morty that was brought up by his grandfather, cared for, and nurtured into an intelligent, confident kid. THIS is what Rick was referring to when he said, “A cocky Morty can lead to some big problems.”

As we know from the writer and producer of Rick and Morty, Ryan Ridley, the writers intend Evil Morty to be a character that’s willing to say anything he needs to get himself voted into power. Anything he’s said can be discounted false. Theories that suggest a heroic motivation don’t hold much water. This is a Morty with nothing to lose and no conscience holding him back.

Is Evil Morty an unstoppable genius? A Rick in a Morty’s body?

No. He’s not. The best evidence we have is the quote from our┬ác-137 Rick in Close Rick Counters of The Rick Kind.

I wouldn’t do this, it’s barbaric overkill. I mean you can accomplish the same results with like 5 Morty’s and a jumper cable

The response is no surprise, but it subtly tells us that this isn’t the work of a Rick; It’s the work of a Morty that’s gone on one too many of Rick’s gone-wild adventures. A Morty that was taught and raised by his grandfather.