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    Favorite episode?

    Meeseeks and Destroy has to be one of my favorite episodes. I love all of them though. Who doesn't?
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    Pocket Morty's Convo

    I play Pocket Mortys more than I'd like to admit 😂. I hate fighting my Mortys. I just play to collect them. My favorite Morty is Mustache Morty. I do not regret downloading that game though.
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    Hey there

    I'd love to help 😊.
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    Hey there

    Thank you!!!!
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    Hey there

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, my name is Steph. I Just wanted to join the Rick and Morty community since I have an obsession with the show, well anything Rick and Morty related actually.
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    Rick Me Sweepstakes! (Ends Oct. 13, 2017)

    I'd like to enter the contest. So obsessed with anything and everything Rick and Morty 😍!