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  1. Pickle Brad

    The ABC's of Beth - Season 3 - Episode 9

    I doubt it has anything more to do with Evil Morty, it doesn't seem geared toward that all. I think this is an entirely Rick/Beth backstory episode that will further some plot there, that doesn't have anything to do with Evil Morty, Tammy, or anything outside of that plot.
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    Rick and Morty Episode Reviews

    Review all of em c:
  3. Pickle Brad

    Morty's Mindblowers - Season 3 - Episode 8

    Eh. It felt kind of rushed and fell flat sometimes, but it had its funny moments and it was good enough imo.
  4. Pickle Brad

    I'm here to see Rob naked

    I'm here to see Rob naked
  5. Pickle Brad

    Rick Me Sweepstakes! (Ends Oct. 13, 2017)

    This looks fun, thanks RickMe
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    Hey there

    You seem pretty ButStrange if you ask me nice to totally meet you for the first time
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    Hi Robbo
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    Morty's Mindblowers - Season 3 - Episode 8

    I mean I think the intro just sets up the fact that this episodes is all cutscenes to hilarious adventure moments we haven't seen. Considering its the spiritual inter-dimensional cable successor, I wouldn't read too much into the main plot but maybe expect some interest in whatever is the sideplot.
  9. Pickle Brad

    Opinions on Jerry?

    I actually am pretty cool with Jerry as a guy, I honestly always thought Beth was such a Squanch tbh.
  10. Pickle Brad

    Evil Morty Theories

    I honestly think he is just another Morty, who happens to be competent enough to realize the injustices of Ricks over Mortys and is 'evil' because of it.
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    Favorite episode?

    In Rick and Morty? Can be by season or overall. Personally my overall favorite so far is Total Rickall or Tales from the Citadel
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    Do these have to be R n M references?

    Because this thread is about ducks
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    I turned myself into a Pickle, Rob

    I'm Pickle Brad! Whats up nerds