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  1. sane

    Where did everyone go?

    It wasn't. I met the admin and a few others about 6 years ago now on a different forum, so I can vouch for him. Then again what do I know huh we're all strangers
  2. sane

    Hey there

    My name is lonely nice to meet you
  3. sane

    Clearer Descriptions for Sections

    I second this, been a little difficult to find a good place to put something
  4. sane

    The ABC's of Beth - Season 3 - Episode 9

    Fun episode. That's about it.
  5. sane

    Do these have to be R n M references?

    Anything yo
  6. sane

    Morty's Mindblowers - Season 3 - Episode 8

    One of the weakest of the entire season in my opinion.
  7. sane

    Do these have to be R n M references?

    hey serious question but where could I post reviews to anything if I wanted to start those wubba lubba Squanch ducks
  8. sane

    Rick Me Sweepstakes! (Ends Oct. 13, 2017)

    hey I don'think this kid is eligible
  9. sane

    Favorite episode?

    Tales from the Citadel was an amazing episode, I loved all the film references. My personal favorite is Total Rickall or the first Inter-Dimensional Cable episode.
  10. sane

    Evil Morty Theories

    The only theory I'm familiar with or bothered listening to was that he is the original Morty C-137, and the Rick we follow stole a Morty from somewhere else.
  11. sane

    Opinions on Jerry?

    It seems as though everyone hates Jerry, but I personally love his character and have laughed from his lines quite a bit.
  12. sane


    Well I'm very excited to see what awaits us here. When we get time, I think we could post a little history of our community up until now.
  13. sane

    Rick Me Sweepstakes! (Ends Oct. 13, 2017)

    Hey fello i'd like to enter hello
  14. sane


    Will We Be Having A Chat?
  15. sane

    Morty's Mindblowers - Season 3 - Episode 8

    I Hope We Do. I Was Really Upset To Hear We Wouldn't Be Getting A New Inter-Dimensional Cable.
  16. sane

    I turned myself into a Pickle, Rob

    Hey! Welcome To The Forums! I Can Already Tell I Don't Like You, I Guess It's Just A Gut Feeling. HaHa, Just Joking, Welcome Newbie! edit: i cant keep this up
  17. sane

    Hey there!

    I'm going to treat this like it was me 5 years ago. Good To Finally Meet You Ludwig! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!
  18. sane

    nice place yo

    nice place yo
  19. sane

    Hey there!

    Hey man nice to meet you
  20. sane

    Hey there

    My name is sane, some of you know me. I enjoy the show Rick and Morty. I want to make movies and I have a theatre background. Anything else you guys want to know go ahead and ask.