Rick and Morty Season 4

Director: Jacob Hayle / Erica Hayes
Screenwriter: Justin Roland / Dan Hameng
Starring: Justin Rowland / Chris Parnell / Spencer Grammer / Sarah Jock / Kerry Wagren / Read more ...
Genre: Science Fiction / Animation / Adventure
Official website: Watch Rick and Morty Online Free - RickandMortyFree.com
Country of Production: United States
Premiere: 2019-11-10 (United States)
Episode: 10
Episode duration: 22 minutes
IMDb link: tt7446798

Rick and Morty talk about spacetime before Earth C-137 (N / A spacetime was transferred to after S1-06 (can be seen in the form filled out by Rick at S2-02 Jerry's Depot)) Rick's potion has changed all humans except the Morty family becomes a Conanbo style monster) Rick and Morty's adventure story, but sometimes there are combinations of adventures like Rick and Summer, Morty and Jerry. Outstanding plot design and production techniques.