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ProductPatchwork polyester satin table cloth
UsageBanquet/ home/ hotel/ outdoor/ party/ wedding
FeatureOilproof, Disposable, Waterproof
styleJacquard & Printing
MaterialPolyester satin fabric
colorSapphire blue, light amethyst or customized
Size12*18"/ 36*36"/ 16*36"/ 16*45"/ 16*54"/ 16*72"/ 72*90"
1. Patchwork polyester satin table cloth is made from high-quality polyester satin fabric. Polyester Satin Fabric is a lustrous soft material with a nice drape for a gorgeously flowy look. The material is crafted using a weaving technique whereby at least four weft yarns float over a single warp yarn at a time, or vice versa. This floating, creates the glossy appearance of the fabric.
2. This material offers the same outstanding durability, insulation and wrinkle resistance characteristic.
3. Perfect patchwork will make the table cloth more rich in quality and stereoscopic.
4. Edge decoration: 9-10cm lace trimming will also add attractive beauty when dining.
1. Jacquard fabric soft and delicate, rich gloss, delicate dark flowers set off your pursuit of life
2. Featured high quality lace: Lace with water-solube three-dimensional embroidery process, from the use of materials to knitting are very sophisticated, comfortable hand feeling, more solid color. The fabric has a vertical, bright color, regardless of where can show full taste.
3. Adopt 100% polyester material, has drooping feeling and bright color, and it is flat and not pleat.
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